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I have a number of old quality violins in my collection. Each and every violin has been hand picked by me alone. Please feel free to ask me what I might have available, as it's impossible to list my entire collection online. Prices range from $3,000 up to $140,000.

English Violin

ca. 1875


  • Excellent condition

  • Dark tone

  • Stunning flamed maple back

  • LoB: 358 mm

Sebastian Kloz



  • The most prolific maker of the Kloz family.

  • Its golden brown varnish is stunning.

  • Broad top gives it a robust power in its sound.

  • Excellent condition.

  • This violin was once part of the Fridolin Hamma Collection.

  • Certificate by Mathias Niessen (1950)

  • LoB: 356 mm

Edward Bartek



  • Brother in-law of the renowned maker Nemessanyi.

  • Del Jesu model has slightly smaller dimensions.

  • Gorgeous golden-orange varnish is transparent.

  • Superb condition.

  • LoB: 354 mm


Boston, T-accessible

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